vrijdag 20 mei 2011

The Theory of Death

I just had to write this feeling down. This is not a new tryout and yes, this blog's been silent for a while but i'm back for now. Anyway, we we're going to Lillle( North city of France) and as we stood on the market square i saw a man sitting in a wheelchair, completely gone from the world. And then it hit me. No idea what. Maybe it was the bright sun.... it was some kind of Epiphany.

There was this cold feeling going over my body, fear was overwhelming me, i was panicking deep inside but on the outside it looked like i was just staring at something. I said to myself: " Is there something else after dead? I don't want to get old and die. I just don't want too! I don't want my memories to fade away and just di with nothing left. Is there a God? I don't know. Is there a heaven? I'm not sure anymore. This has nothing to do with religion but if you hear the childrapes from priests, it's kinda hard to believe those people. The Vatican stole and took the money of the working class. Now they're losing their territory....

Anyway, i was asking those questions and i had this unpleasant feeling. The market square in Lille was beautiful, sun was shining, it was really hot and then i got this feeling. I had it before, like when i was younger and i had to go to church. I panicked there too. I remember closing my eyes and saying: " Is this what will be left? Complete Darkness? Vanished and only remembered by your relatives who will die too and you'll only be remembered by pictures that shows your fake self? ( Everybody tries to look good on those forced pictures). It is a hard matter to comprehend. I never talked about this feeling but still, i hope there's something, even when Stephen Hawking says there's only death waiting for us.

Why do i post this today? Because i had a small idea to fix the problem. It's all theory and you may be saying it's complete bullshit filled with high hopes and you're completely right, but this might be a good idea.

What if we create our own "heaven"?
Stephen Hawking says there's no heaven and no God but what if we play our own God and try to create some kind of Afterlife? Let's say some machine creates a digital world for you where you can live your life without dying. DNA, "soul, memories, and everything else are saved in a database and you can choose one physical form your body had in your life( like if youre 90 years old and you choose to be 20 again.) Based on the deep memories the machine could recreate you in a digital form. And it might got something to do with game developers... If they can create an exact copy of the world we live in then this can be used as a model. Lets say you're 95 and you feel your ending is coming. You fill in the papers for acceptance in the programme and everything you have will be transformed to that world. Maybe it doesn't have to be a machine. Maybe we can goof around with the timeline and create a new parallel timeline similar to ours. I have no idea. But you could live your life in a digital world where you can meet the same people. Now, the people you've left behind in the real world won't be there yet but you'll just wait until they arrive too. I don't know if this idea would work it. It's more something for a sciencefiction film but i really hope that this would be possible at a certain point in our lives. Look, i'm not saying recreating the universe. But if the real world does new discoveries like a new liveable planet it's maybe possible to "update" the digital world on that so the dead can visit it too. 

Like i said, it's a nice story but not really a theory. I think i wrote it off.( bit of therapy :p) Thank you for reading through. I'd like to know your opinion on the subject. Did you ever had such an epiphany? Do you think about this topic? Please comment!