zondag 25 september 2011

Our Final Destination

Hello all of you. It's been a while i've written something on this blog. I know, you missed me. You missed my rambling Gonzo writing. I've been busy focusing on my shortfilm and my other blog, Movie Monstrosity Blog. 

This blog will probably change a bit. I have no idea what to do with it yet, but it is my secondary goal to get this thing running. You can expect a weekly post if  i have the time. so thank you for still following this blog and reading my mindboggling madness stories.

So, i decided to watch my first Final Destination movie, and i started with the final fifth movie. You know, what's the use of watching The Final Destination when it gets 5 sequels. Why watching the other Four when you can just watch the last one in stunning 3D. *Rambling King*

About the 3D...I haven't seen Avatar yet ( BURN THE HERETIC), instead i saw Step Up 3D ( Forced 3D with the suits), POTC 4 ( Useless ) and Deathly Hallows 2 ( Final scene was pretty epic but also a meh ). This was the first film in which the 3D is so useful and superb. Hey, they should do "The Ring" remake, where the girl creeps out of the theatre screen. Hell Yeah, would be awesome.  

Final Destination 5 was worth the ticket, but nothing more. It was a pleasant ride, i had a lot of laughs with the ridicilous deaths AND the black guy died LAST!!! We had to make the choice between Shark Night 3D and this film and the black guy died first in SN3D. ( See the trailer). you know, if the black guy dies first, it's a cliché movie and has no originality.  

Anyhorse,  as this movie kills a lot of people, i'd like to talk about death. Previously on this blog, i talked about transhumanism and Source Code with a complete theory which i invented. I still hope that a bored scientist go check some blogs, stumbles on this one and takes my idea serious. 

Anyworse, I've been talking to some people about how they lost their beloved ones. Some of them had interesting stories to tell, sort of paranormal. I'm going to sum two of them up in a list:
- Woman(cleaning lady) walks in room where other human has died. She tried to lift up a simple chair but a force held the chair down. Suddenly she was suffocating and needed air. She just yelled: Stop! I'm only here to help your wife! ( The wife was very sick and her husband died a few years ago in that house)  And everything stopped. 
- A woman was sleeping and suddenly she awakes in the middle of the night. Her grandma died exactly at the same time she awoke. She saw her grandma waving at the window and in a flash, she was gone.
- Another man died and said: i'll return as a bird, don't worry. The next day, the man dies and the wife sees a dead bird in the garden.
Conclusion: I'm starting to believe in ghosts. not the cartoon ghosts offcourse, but some kind of energy form that left the body when you die.( maybe the soul?) There must be something left of us. Too bad we'll only know when we are dead. But still, i hope that they can stop the aging process and find a "cure" for death . I mean, you can still die from bullets, accidents but not from aging.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this. I appreciate it! also, leave your opinion so we can talk about his subject ;)