maandag 21 februari 2011

#Tryout One: The First Amendment

 "Today i'm truly feeling better. The vile fluids that left my alcoholic veins made me feel like a black President smacking the Republicans ass so hard that you can identify the masochistic conservative red on their fannies.

While we drive through a psychedelic wave of greenish and painless frogs, the sounds of the everlasting guardians are creeking over the blue democratic monster truck. But let me tell you kiddo, there ain't no better way than puking Satan out of your body whilst taking three Southern Ladies to see the corners of barbaric civilization. I mean, what can possibly happen if you have some fun with 3 democratic Hotties, the proud American Flag and the last bit of morality in your hands? The stars are wavering in front of me, the states are smiling towards the clutches of evil and i haven't even started talking about the stripes! Sweet Jesus, vomiting ain't the right spirit for me."

6 opmerkingen:

  1. when i saw the pic i thought your post was gonna be something funny but once i read WOW really poetic words your wrote there!

  2. I tried to show my worst photoshop ever. Thank you for the support people!

  3. one would say you admire language due to your style of writing.