donderdag 24 februari 2011

#Tryout Two

I'm planning on making one about Yesterday. I was at some Bar yesterday listening to the evolution of Media like Wikileaks/ The Internet/ Advertising. It's extremely interesting and i'll try to make a synopsis of that, only some parts in Gonzo. But before we went to that place, I had a discussion with a friend about Zionism/ Republicans. So that discussion will be turned into Gonzo ;) Anyway, have fun with this one.

We were like a wild kin of dogs, barking and biting in the halls of longivity as we were waiting on the resulting white A4-paper that decides our continuity of our lifespan. Soon, the biting and barking stopped and changed into sheer howling or smiles.

The Head Wolf passed the papers around and when i finally received the feared and loathed piece with the precarious numbers I reputiated the numeral figures. "This could not be happening", "impossible" or "Mother of Wolves" passed through my mind as a determined drugged junkie thinking Bush did two great terms based on peace and freedom. I can not longer reputatiate the numbers.

My anxiousness turned into happyness. I only failed for Economy. It will be Dancing with Wolves, rather Wolvines this night, feeding on the night and alcoholic abuse. The night is once again ours!

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