zaterdag 26 februari 2011

#Tryout Three: The Republican End of Zionistical Mopeds Part One

 The Mopeds Of Destruction

The street is filled with a rhetorical tranquility, an unknown silence completed with the boundaries of the universe. Friday 4PM. The transcending silence is broken by a flock of mopedded gentlemen, neo-Hells Angels, free of any burden, creating chaos and destruction in this once peaceful street. These unrestrained hounds are released from this middle technical school, where teachers order them to lick the sweat and blood of their leader. Between 8AM and 4PM these weak scoundrels are puppy's, fucking petite repulsive looking puppy's, and they are nodding and listening to their Masters. And when one of them bites/barks they are swept away and thrown into the depths of an isolation cell, deep underground, into the fertilities of life where they shall learn their Grand Master's rules. But at 4PM, the puppy's are released and then they transform into a wild kin of loathed freaks taking revenge on their masters, and the only way to do so is to destroy society. The problem with my theory is that these dogs are idiots, retards, faggots and scum.  The flock of the mopeds, can't even handle a real motorbike, wetting their pants when they see a tough guy riding a motorbike, feelings of jealousy and revenge showing up.

Their coloured helmets, pink shirts and Nike Air Max shoes reveil their true nature. Otto Friedl would shit himself from laughter in his grave. This enlightened unhuman creature would bust out of his coffin and execute this Pink Angels gang of foolish entrepreneurs with his bare hands, leaving a trail of bones, blood and rotten teeth. And he'll shit on their bodies, writing "Hells Angels" in his own excrement. Are these the new freeloaders of our world? No, they are absolutely not. These kind of people will be working from their 18th birthday til their 65th birthday creating wooden structures, building houses, working in factory's and doing the same task all over again for the next forty years. And offcourse they get paid! But what happens with the money? Savings?? Absoluty not! Every weekend they go out and spend as much as they can, bingedrinking themselves to near-death situations and buying expensive luxurious cars which they can't pay off anymore. They will be nothing more than a pile of stinking rubble, sitting at a station knowing they did wrong in their youth, realising they were idiots and in worst case scenario's: not realising it and pointing the finger to the others like immigrants taking their jobs.

I do have alot of respect for them.They are pure geniuses and artists, building up my house, electrify it and artistically painting it while I profit on their hard work and sweat. I have alot of respect for these unravished gentlemen. They are the cornerstone of our civilization, making the world go round. And I'm just standing here, complaining about a bunch of youngsters just trying to show off while these exact youngsters are the ones that might save my lazy journalistic ass. I'm just a complainer and critic, that's wat I am.

O yeah, I've been rambling on so hard on this subject that i completely forgot where I was going to.  The Zionistical Rebublicans will be explained and do not give this text a confused look, you will comprehend.

Hope you'll enjoy the read.

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