zondag 25 september 2011

Our Final Destination

Hello all of you. It's been a while i've written something on this blog. I know, you missed me. You missed my rambling Gonzo writing. I've been busy focusing on my shortfilm and my other blog, Movie Monstrosity Blog. 

This blog will probably change a bit. I have no idea what to do with it yet, but it is my secondary goal to get this thing running. You can expect a weekly post if  i have the time. so thank you for still following this blog and reading my mindboggling madness stories.

So, i decided to watch my first Final Destination movie, and i started with the final fifth movie. You know, what's the use of watching The Final Destination when it gets 5 sequels. Why watching the other Four when you can just watch the last one in stunning 3D. *Rambling King*

About the 3D...I haven't seen Avatar yet ( BURN THE HERETIC), instead i saw Step Up 3D ( Forced 3D with the suits), POTC 4 ( Useless ) and Deathly Hallows 2 ( Final scene was pretty epic but also a meh ). This was the first film in which the 3D is so useful and superb. Hey, they should do "The Ring" remake, where the girl creeps out of the theatre screen. Hell Yeah, would be awesome.  

Final Destination 5 was worth the ticket, but nothing more. It was a pleasant ride, i had a lot of laughs with the ridicilous deaths AND the black guy died LAST!!! We had to make the choice between Shark Night 3D and this film and the black guy died first in SN3D. ( See the trailer). you know, if the black guy dies first, it's a cliché movie and has no originality.  

Anyhorse,  as this movie kills a lot of people, i'd like to talk about death. Previously on this blog, i talked about transhumanism and Source Code with a complete theory which i invented. I still hope that a bored scientist go check some blogs, stumbles on this one and takes my idea serious. 

Anyworse, I've been talking to some people about how they lost their beloved ones. Some of them had interesting stories to tell, sort of paranormal. I'm going to sum two of them up in a list:
- Woman(cleaning lady) walks in room where other human has died. She tried to lift up a simple chair but a force held the chair down. Suddenly she was suffocating and needed air. She just yelled: Stop! I'm only here to help your wife! ( The wife was very sick and her husband died a few years ago in that house)  And everything stopped. 
- A woman was sleeping and suddenly she awakes in the middle of the night. Her grandma died exactly at the same time she awoke. She saw her grandma waving at the window and in a flash, she was gone.
- Another man died and said: i'll return as a bird, don't worry. The next day, the man dies and the wife sees a dead bird in the garden.
Conclusion: I'm starting to believe in ghosts. not the cartoon ghosts offcourse, but some kind of energy form that left the body when you die.( maybe the soul?) There must be something left of us. Too bad we'll only know when we are dead. But still, i hope that they can stop the aging process and find a "cure" for death . I mean, you can still die from bullets, accidents but not from aging.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this. I appreciate it! also, leave your opinion so we can talk about his subject ;)

vrijdag 20 mei 2011

The Theory of Death

I just had to write this feeling down. This is not a new tryout and yes, this blog's been silent for a while but i'm back for now. Anyway, we we're going to Lillle( North city of France) and as we stood on the market square i saw a man sitting in a wheelchair, completely gone from the world. And then it hit me. No idea what. Maybe it was the bright sun.... it was some kind of Epiphany.

There was this cold feeling going over my body, fear was overwhelming me, i was panicking deep inside but on the outside it looked like i was just staring at something. I said to myself: " Is there something else after dead? I don't want to get old and die. I just don't want too! I don't want my memories to fade away and just di with nothing left. Is there a God? I don't know. Is there a heaven? I'm not sure anymore. This has nothing to do with religion but if you hear the childrapes from priests, it's kinda hard to believe those people. The Vatican stole and took the money of the working class. Now they're losing their territory....

Anyway, i was asking those questions and i had this unpleasant feeling. The market square in Lille was beautiful, sun was shining, it was really hot and then i got this feeling. I had it before, like when i was younger and i had to go to church. I panicked there too. I remember closing my eyes and saying: " Is this what will be left? Complete Darkness? Vanished and only remembered by your relatives who will die too and you'll only be remembered by pictures that shows your fake self? ( Everybody tries to look good on those forced pictures). It is a hard matter to comprehend. I never talked about this feeling but still, i hope there's something, even when Stephen Hawking says there's only death waiting for us.

Why do i post this today? Because i had a small idea to fix the problem. It's all theory and you may be saying it's complete bullshit filled with high hopes and you're completely right, but this might be a good idea.

What if we create our own "heaven"?
Stephen Hawking says there's no heaven and no God but what if we play our own God and try to create some kind of Afterlife? Let's say some machine creates a digital world for you where you can live your life without dying. DNA, "soul, memories, and everything else are saved in a database and you can choose one physical form your body had in your life( like if youre 90 years old and you choose to be 20 again.) Based on the deep memories the machine could recreate you in a digital form. And it might got something to do with game developers... If they can create an exact copy of the world we live in then this can be used as a model. Lets say you're 95 and you feel your ending is coming. You fill in the papers for acceptance in the programme and everything you have will be transformed to that world. Maybe it doesn't have to be a machine. Maybe we can goof around with the timeline and create a new parallel timeline similar to ours. I have no idea. But you could live your life in a digital world where you can meet the same people. Now, the people you've left behind in the real world won't be there yet but you'll just wait until they arrive too. I don't know if this idea would work it. It's more something for a sciencefiction film but i really hope that this would be possible at a certain point in our lives. Look, i'm not saying recreating the universe. But if the real world does new discoveries like a new liveable planet it's maybe possible to "update" the digital world on that so the dead can visit it too. 

Like i said, it's a nice story but not really a theory. I think i wrote it off.( bit of therapy :p) Thank you for reading through. I'd like to know your opinion on the subject. Did you ever had such an epiphany? Do you think about this topic? Please comment!

maandag 11 april 2011

#Tryout Seven The Sweaty Situation

My name is Billy Johnson and i'm a hitman. I have been kidnapped by three men, two in costume and the latter in a hawaiian shirt with a bucket hat and weird looking glasses. I'm writing this on a noteblock, which they forgot to take from me. I can see that they aren't professionals, only a daft man and pissed off. The weird one for example gave me the word Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia on a paper and demanded me to say the word, with a gun point at my head. After a few times trying to say it the weird looking took the paper and looked at his friend. He nodded. The hatman took a knife and came to me. He said: "You passed the tongue test. we won't cut off your tongue. That's one thing you can keep and we won't touch it. YOU HEAR ME?"

I nodded quickly. "My, my , our little soldier boy passed the first ear test. That's a real shame because i wanted to reenact the scène from that movie which came out last year uhm....." He looked at his friend and the man in costume replied: Reservoir dogs from Quintin Tarantino, his debut film. " Indeed! Tarantino, how can i forget!" But look, there's a second test . Listen to this, mr. Johnson. hit it, Beast!

Beast must be his nickname. He hit the radio player and started a song.

The man with the knife started a little dancewalk which amazed me in its own weirdness. He started  to come closer, played a bit with the knife and held it in a position for cutting my ear off. "now, tell me one sentence from the song" I replied: You've got to pick up every stitch. "hmm, alright, passed the second test. Third test is endurance. Hit him, Beast.

The Beast started to hit on me. He kept hitting without taking a break.Some of my teeth were quite loose, i think i lost two of them. He stopped hitting me.
"Now, You passed all three of them. And don't ask why we do this. It's some ritual, it's a thing. Now, tell us how you knew we hid in Belgium."
I replied: Your friend there killed our boss and his son is now in charge. It seems you have a mole in your maffia. Oh, and the son is coming to this fucked up country, ready to kill him.
"Alright. I thank you for your cooperation. And we know this is a shit country, have you seen that Nine Balls thing in Brussels? it's a fucking disgrace.... anyway, we'll leave you for now, alone in the dark. Don't move" Both laughed and walked away. I was stuck on a chair with ropes all around me. Luckily they don't know how to rope someone so I got out quite fast. Now i'm only stuck in this room with a noteblock to write. Fuck this shit.

zondag 27 maart 2011

#Tryout Six: iPot should be legal

Locations are confusing but so are women, rugby and the acting of Kristen Stewart. I was wandering in my city, through loathsome streets which i didn't knew they existed. This city is maddened by whores, thieves and criminal scum. Oh no, they're not making me angry or pissed. I envy them! The greatest scoundrel should be King/President/Sultan/other."But mr.Reilly, you forgot that those people on the top are already scum?"  Tnat's true. But let's not forget that the problem is not the person, but the function. Give power to a simple goody two shoes and that person will change into a pure monster, a dictator. There's only one thing that keeps everything together and that's us, the people. The true identity of your Emperor would be reveiled if there were no people to serve. Every human is evil. Only rules can stop us from doing unearthed, unpleasant, unhearted and unplugged evil.

To make things short: I've been robbed by a man that was trying to sell me the new iPot. Clearly he was just holding a mirror in a black box with the precarious spelling mistake on top of it. When i made him aware of his mistake he looked at it, looked at me, he looked back at the iPot ( No it didn't change into diamonds) and then he hit me, robbed me and ran away. That's the reason for the speech on humanity that i just gave you.
The new iPot with the grass app, Stoned-Mail, BagTube, and Reggae music. Yeah it's all fucked up now. Thank you Westboro Baptist Church, now go fuck yourself .

maandag 14 maart 2011

#Tryout Five: Illegitimis Non Carborundum

My mind was shocked by the overdose of ether. I dragged my feet into the luminous scheme of the Japanese businessmen, their evergrowing Red Dragon Restaurants. Why the red dragon and not blue, purple, yellow, green, even Blurpellowack, a colored crisis of blue suits, would fit into the whole theme of Japamen. Why fucking red pillars and walls? Gets a fucking bull batshit crazy...

I took my gray matter and dropped it at one of the red cushioned chairs and tables. Friday Night, Noodle Night. Rambling sounds around me. Impossible. Still light outside. Fucking demons. My heart started beating like a lion on coke. Sound coming from left, i turned my neck what seemed to take centuries to do so and i discovered the source of the vile music. Goddamn televisions showing fucking inaugurated programs made for deadbrained species. My body was losing control, and i slipped away into a dark void of evil surroundings. The whole world was trembling around me, shockingly drowning my mind into a hellish watercyclone, demons grabbing their machinery and drilling into the deep caverns of the furnishing rock we live on.

Woken up by Japlady. she stared at the TV, utterly shocked. Her facial expression was stunningly flooding into my eyes. Japan was hit by an earthquake. I had a vision. I dragged myself out of there, escaping the vile spirits of death. Japan is a goner. Their nation of nuclear powered energy will be a dead zone, a place where demons can feast on the bodies. Mutations will be common. The Samurai is exuded, murdered by nature.

Do i even care? Yes I do. Do I compare the disaster with Pearl Harbor? Not at all.
I once again dragged myself in a multimedia store, ignoring the trailer of Hereafter on the screens, passing Godzilla, Jericho, The Walking Dead, and Kill Bill.We are surrounded by disaster, murder and mutant beasts and we are still surprised by these nature callings. Oh Humanity.

zondag 13 maart 2011

Too F******* Busy

I'm too busy at the moment to write something good. Damn it!
Writing my ideas that i have for Tryout Five:
Fucking Awesome Illuminati( gotta be careful)

Interested? Well , you gotta wait a bit longer than usual. I'm preparing interviews/ writing papers so quite busy! Expecting it this week. Sorry for the delay.

Moon tripping on Charlie Sheen-drug. It's bi-winning so hard.

Edit: Japan's fucked. Get your Stimpacks and Rad-X ready. Embrace your loved ones. Get the fucking Radsuits on and get me my Gobi Campaign Rifle. It's fucking time

zaterdag 5 maart 2011

#Tryout Four: Moonilogical Zionist and Redneck'd Republicans

The End is Nigh: Charlie Sheen snored the Moon

Glooming eyes were staring at ridiculous moter-driven vehicles, steered by ingenius idiots and passing the vicinity of the street. Hearing the last sounds of their ecological weapons of ecodestruction, I then decided to move on walking the lonely road of wavering darkness, leaving one lantern to flicker on and off. I ignored the dead demons, staring with their big eyes, watching every step I make. I am in the Light, and the Light will protect me from their claws. Light went dead. The Light failed me. The dark power overthrew the lantern and the vicious beasts came closer, screaming soft noises in my head, smelling their stinking horrifious breath. I envy the creatures. No livechanging choices that have to be made at a supermarket deciding which toothpaste is the best for you. Colgate? Colgate Sensitive? Herbal White? Max Fresh? Bi-Fluor? Demons do not care about hygiëne.

My hearing sensed a car coming closer. A wheeling monstertruck in the right corner of my eyes, blinding me with the powerful Light of the front lamps. The beasts fled away, calling my name in the wind. Are these the critics of my thoughts? Have I been too hard on the Moped drivers so they've sent me an army of demons? There's only one certitude in these streets and that's the giant man who climbed out of his truck. He saved my soon to be demon meat ass. I called this massive clouded giant The Rider.  His bolstered hands would destroy my small pen hands. The Rider ignored the hand problem and invited me to his monstereous truck for a ride. I felt like a small human being whilst entering the coloured monstertruck.

We had some unimportant smalltalk for a while but then he changed the subject with a question that shook me, i was staring at the sidemirrors and their redesigned reflections. I can not believe my ears when i heard it. A question as old as Jacob. Sweet Jesus, i'd rather go fight another round with those demons than sitting one more minute in this forsaken death trunk. This fiendish beast dared to ask my opinion on Jews and politics.
I held my lips tight together and decided to create a friendly sound with my vocals: "Why don't you start first talking 'bout it, dear Rider?" He started guffawing at me. No reason why.

We were driving into Skull Street, dead military Pro-Kadhaffi skulls were crushed by the weight of the hideous truck. We turned at the crossroads, entering a street that looked like a red sea of blood, floating dead bodies of people. The truck stopped and i saw a broken neon-board titled " Zion". the building itself was torn apart, leaving only a red streaming trail coming from those ruins. Rider started talking. "Fucking Zionists fucked everything up. They are the real rats that should be slaughtered and look at this place....we finally succeeded in our mission." I had no idea what was sitting next to me. A Neo-Nazi, a Jew, a Neo-Jew? a Redneck? A Conservative Neo-Jew Redneck Republican Asshole?
There's only one thing i'm certain of: he hated Zionists. I did not feel the urge to ask why he hated them so much so I asked him if he's a republican. "What in God's name are you rambling bout, off course I am. And pretty damn proud of it too!" Mystery solved. "And what do you think of the Democrats, Rider?" i said, carefully weighing my words.
" Fucking scum, that's what they are. Every time i see one I feel this same rage I have with the Zionists.... YOU AIN'T A FUCKING DEMOCRAT, RIGHT? he yelled with a less stinking demon breath. " Good Lord Almighty, no , I'd rather vote for the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party and Eco-Fascism than voting on a whore or a black street dog" I said while trying to talk my way out of this horrible situation.

We left the horrible street and i quickly said: "Thank you for the ride but I have to murder a Zionist in a few hours, so farewell my friend" leaving him with a smile on his face. I finally escaped the monster. I was alone in a new street with new fears in my heart. The only certitude I have is the moon. Problem is that there was only a half moon left this night. Charlie Sheen snored the other half. A great applause for this moon, coke and vile fluid snoring unhuman beast of truthfulness. You are Winning, good sir, yes you are.

This was extremely long. Hope you'll find the time to read it because it's damn awesome. Also, pc crashed while writing( love the concept saving button!)  Oh right, this is for entertainment purposes only. I do not mean to hurt certain societies/beliefs.