maandag 14 maart 2011

#Tryout Five: Illegitimis Non Carborundum

My mind was shocked by the overdose of ether. I dragged my feet into the luminous scheme of the Japanese businessmen, their evergrowing Red Dragon Restaurants. Why the red dragon and not blue, purple, yellow, green, even Blurpellowack, a colored crisis of blue suits, would fit into the whole theme of Japamen. Why fucking red pillars and walls? Gets a fucking bull batshit crazy...

I took my gray matter and dropped it at one of the red cushioned chairs and tables. Friday Night, Noodle Night. Rambling sounds around me. Impossible. Still light outside. Fucking demons. My heart started beating like a lion on coke. Sound coming from left, i turned my neck what seemed to take centuries to do so and i discovered the source of the vile music. Goddamn televisions showing fucking inaugurated programs made for deadbrained species. My body was losing control, and i slipped away into a dark void of evil surroundings. The whole world was trembling around me, shockingly drowning my mind into a hellish watercyclone, demons grabbing their machinery and drilling into the deep caverns of the furnishing rock we live on.

Woken up by Japlady. she stared at the TV, utterly shocked. Her facial expression was stunningly flooding into my eyes. Japan was hit by an earthquake. I had a vision. I dragged myself out of there, escaping the vile spirits of death. Japan is a goner. Their nation of nuclear powered energy will be a dead zone, a place where demons can feast on the bodies. Mutations will be common. The Samurai is exuded, murdered by nature.

Do i even care? Yes I do. Do I compare the disaster with Pearl Harbor? Not at all.
I once again dragged myself in a multimedia store, ignoring the trailer of Hereafter on the screens, passing Godzilla, Jericho, The Walking Dead, and Kill Bill.We are surrounded by disaster, murder and mutant beasts and we are still surprised by these nature callings. Oh Humanity.

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  1. this is so well narrated i was really able to feel what it was said! awesome game by the way! i love the cultural aspect this game delivers!

  2. 3rd time I see this posted this day on another blog :/

    Hope the game is really worth all of this