zondag 27 maart 2011

#Tryout Six: iPot should be legal

Locations are confusing but so are women, rugby and the acting of Kristen Stewart. I was wandering in my city, through loathsome streets which i didn't knew they existed. This city is maddened by whores, thieves and criminal scum. Oh no, they're not making me angry or pissed. I envy them! The greatest scoundrel should be King/President/Sultan/other."But mr.Reilly, you forgot that those people on the top are already scum?"  Tnat's true. But let's not forget that the problem is not the person, but the function. Give power to a simple goody two shoes and that person will change into a pure monster, a dictator. There's only one thing that keeps everything together and that's us, the people. The true identity of your Emperor would be reveiled if there were no people to serve. Every human is evil. Only rules can stop us from doing unearthed, unpleasant, unhearted and unplugged evil.

To make things short: I've been robbed by a man that was trying to sell me the new iPot. Clearly he was just holding a mirror in a black box with the precarious spelling mistake on top of it. When i made him aware of his mistake he looked at it, looked at me, he looked back at the iPot ( No it didn't change into diamonds) and then he hit me, robbed me and ran away. That's the reason for the speech on humanity that i just gave you.
The new iPot with the grass app, Stoned-Mail, BagTube, and Reggae music. Yeah it's all fucked up now. Thank you Westboro Baptist Church, now go fuck yourself .

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